We would like to introduce our self M/s. Senka Aero International (Pvt,) Ltd. as a Trading Company dealing mainly with Sri Lanka Government in Military & Commercial Supplies to all the Defence Forces in Sri Lanka (Air Force, Policy, Navy and Army) Domestic Air lines as well. We hold the registration with the Ministry of
Defence for the supplies.

Presently our company Senka Aero International (Pvt) Ltd is located in No. 8C, Stanley Thilakarathna Mawatha, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka,

Our main function is to act as the local representative for foreign suppliers in all the dealing with Sri Lanka

The objective of our company being to assist and support our customers Sri Lanka Air Force, Sri Lanka Army, Sri Lanka Navy and the Department of Police to enable them to procure their requirements from International Suppliers of repute.

In order to promote sales and services successfully, we are of the opinion that your representation is prominently essential and to coordinate between the supplier and the Customers smoothly.

The requirement of the customer is based on AOG (Aircraft on Ground) and priority one Basis purchase, the former being items required on Urgent basis, and latter being less urgent basis. Utilized following aircrafts models in the territory of Sri Lanka and all the requirement getting from the foreign source. In this regard our company acts as a facilitator to coordinate their requirement smoothly.

Enging Model

Fixed Wing Aircraft Engine Model

  • PT6A-27 (Pratt & Whitney)
  • GARRETT TFE-731-2A-2A- TURBO fan
  • WP-5D
  • WP-7B(BM)C
  • WP-7B(BM) IV
  • HS-6A Radial
  • Allison T56-A-15
  • Rolls Royce Dart 534-2
  • AI 20D Series 5
  • P29B-300/R.27F2M-300
  • General Electric J79-GE-91E
  • PT6A-42 (Pratt & Whitney)
  • Allison 250B 17D
  • Continental 0-200 A
  • Continental GTSIO-520-L
  • Pratt & Whitney 127J

Rotary Wing Aircraft Engine Model

  • TV3-117V
  • TV3-117VM
  • TV3-117VMA
  • Allison 250 C 20B
  • PT6T-3B (Pratt & Whitney)
  • PT6T-3B/PT6T-3D (Pratt & Whitney)